The family is composed of my wife (Swati) and son (Srijoy) who was born on November 30, 1994.  I lost my father in September 2001. My mother and Swati's parents now live in Kolkata, India. Most of our extended family are also in India, spread out in Kolkata, Bombay, Delhi, Raigarh as well as in the United States and Singapore. In October 2005 we acquired a dog and named him Snowy.

Pictures (Scroll Down for Sounds)

Pictures from 2009.


Itlian Alps

Step Pyramid, Saqqara near Cairo, Egypt


The family

Family agian, near the Giza Pyramid, Egypt


Sounds and Video


Srijoy Piano Recital Spring 2007 NEW

Srijoy's Piano 3rd Piano Recital (October 2002)

Srijoy's Piano 2nd Piano Recital (May 2002)

Srijoy's Marc Brown Speech in First Grade (2002)

Srijoy's French Song in First Grade (2002)