Introduction to MATLAB

1/15 Read Chapter 1 (Introduction to MATLAB),
Watch Programming and Developing with MATLAB

Course overview
Course survey due
1/22 Read Chapter 2 (Variables, Assignments, and Expressions)
Watch Managing Code in MATLAB Scripts

MATLAB code: scripts, functions, live scripts
Lab 1 due
1/29 Read Chapter 3 (Scripts and Functions) and Chapter 4 (Custom Functions),
Watch How to Write a MATLAB Program

1D arrays and plotting
Lab 2 due
2/5 Read Chapter 5 (1D Array Basics), Chapter 6 (1D Array Advanced), and Sections 10.1-10.2 (Simple plotting and 2D data plots I)
Watch Using Basic Plotting Functions

Solving nonlinear equations
Lab 3 due
2/12 Read Section 18.5 (Nonlinear equations: Zeros) and (optionally) Zeros and Roots from Moler's NCM
2D arrays and plotting
Lab 4 due
2/19 Read Chapter 8 (2D Array Basics) and Sections 10.3-10.4 (Rectangular data grids and 3D mesh and surface graphs)
Watch Working with Arrays in MATLAB and Plotting Functions of Two Variables

Lab 5 due
2/26 Read Section 10.5 (Animating plots with loops)
Image Processing
Lab 6 due
3/4 Read Sections 10.6-10.9 (True color/RGB images, Indexed color image, Grayscale/intensity images, Common image file operations) and (optionally) Linear Equations
Backslash operator
Lab 7 due
3/18 Canceled due to COVID-19
3/25 Neural Networks
Project proposal due
4/1 Project work
Lab 8 due
4/8 Project work
4/15 Project work
4/22 Project presentations: Simon, Xiaotian, Sophia, Andrew
4/29 Project presentations: Keara, Frank, Tal, Amari