Alphabetical Index

Albers, Josef Constructions 1971
Albers, Josef Homage to the Square 1967
Anonymous (Simon de Vostre, pub.) Pages from Books of Hours 1500 c.
Audubon, John James Canada Lynx 1843-49 c.
Audubon, John James Dusky Duck 1859
Audubon, John James Turkey Cock 1858
Bartlett, Jennifer Graceland, I, 2, and 3 1979
Bega, Cornelis Young Mother 1660 c.
Bolswert, Schelte Adams Marriage of the Virgin 1633 after
Burgkmair, Hans Scene from Theuerdank 1517
Chagall, Marc Job in Despair 1958-9
Chagall, Marc Paradise 1958-9
Claude Lorraine Return of the Herds in Stormy Weather 1650-52 c.
Deveria, Achille Satisfaction 1830
Deveria, Achile Young Woman, Seated 1830
Dujardin, Karel Two Sheep 1650-78
Dürer, Albrecht Christ in Limbo 1511
Dürer, Albrecht Melencholia I 1514
Ghisi, Giorgio The Delphic Sibyl 1570c
Goltzius, Hendrick Calphurnius 1586
Goltzius, Hendrick St. Phillip 1589 c.
Golub, Leon Flip-Flop 1994
Golub, Leon Time Split II 1994
Golub, Leon Wasted Youth I and II 1994
Gottlieb, Adolph Green Ground, Blue Disc 1966
Goya, Francisco Agility and Audacity of Juanito Apinani 1816
Goya, Francisco Volaverunt 1797
Hayter, Stanley William Unstable Woman 1947
Hogarth, William Night, from Four Times of Day 1738
Johns, Jasper Flags 1968
Kip, Johannes Long Leate 1708 c. 
Kollwitz, Kathe The Downtrodden 1900 c.
Lepère, Louis-Auguste Rue Grenier-sur-l'Eau, Paris 1886
Lepère, Louis-Auguste View from Quai with Eiffel Tower, Paris 1900 c.
Lichtenstein, Roy Hopeless 1965
Longo, Robert Eric 1984
Lorraine (see, Claude Lorraine)    
Lucas van Leyden St. John the Baptist in the Desert 1513
Maillol, Aristide Wood Nymphs  1950 c. 
Maillol, Aristide Wood Nymphs (printed in red) 1950 c. 
Manet, Édouard Charles Baudelaire (3/4 view) 1865/69
Manet, Édouard Charles Baudelaire (profile) 1862/69
Mellan, Claude Saint Francis 1650 c. 
Meryon, Charles The Ministry of the Navy 1865
Morin, Jean Countess of Carnarvon 1630 c.
MZ, Master Succession Dispute among the King's Sons 1500 c.
Nanteuil, Robert Pompone de Bellievre 1657 c.
Pérelle, Gabriel Landscape with Figures 1640 c.
Rauschenberg, Robert Visitation II 1965
Rembrandt van Rijn Presentation in the Temple 1640 c.
Rodin, Francois-Auguste-René Spring 1883
Rosa, Salvator Apollo and the Cumaean Sibyl 1661
Rowlandson, Thomas Miseries in the Country 1806
Sadeler, Aegidius Laura de Dianti with Black Page 1600-20 c.
Shahn, Ben Flowering Brushes 1963
Shahn, Ben Wheatfield 1958
Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico The Flight into Egypt 1750-53
Van Dyck, Anthony Jan de Wael 1636 c.
Veneziano, Agostino Allegory of Temperance 1517
Waterloo, Anthonie Two Hermits 1640 c.
Thematic Essays
The Twentieth Century Woodcut