Greetings One and All!
My name is Christian Joel Burris, and I hail from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I was born on January 31, 1971 to Johnny Lee Burris, Jr. and Marjorie Williams Burris.  My sister, Candice Johnette, followed on December 30 that same year.

My career really began in 1982 when I attended The Summit School here in Winston-Salem.  It was here that I received my first exposure to theatre, literature, art, and Russian.  Most of all, my contact with computers really began here with a TI-99 (ah, the days of saving to a cassette tape) and the Apple IIe (that's pulling a card).  When I completed Summit in 1986 (it ends at Grade 9), I went to Mount Tabor High School for the next three years.  Upon graduating with honors from Mount Tabor in 1989, I continued at Wake Forest University, where I earned a BA in history in 1993.  Since that time, I have been working at the University's Z. Smith Reynolds Library as a Serials Technician in the Technical Services department.

What else makes me tick?  My interests include televised science fiction, reading, walking, trivia, and all types of music.  Several of these categories are represented on my other pages, as you'll soon discover.  I also serve as an advisor for the Kappa Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega here at Wake Forest.  I'm planning to further my education next year with a master's degree (field undecided).  And yes, I'm also single.

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But enough about me- on with the show!

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