My courses

Class Department Credits
American Politics Politics and International Affairs 3.000
Computer Science 101 Computer Science 4.000
Philosophy of War Philosophy 3.000
Introductory Psychology Psychology 3.000

American Politics

American politics is my favorite class because I want to major in Politics and International Studies. I love the intricacies of law and politics, especially how countries interact internationally.

Here is me in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC!

Computer Science 101

Computer Science is a super interesting divisional I wanted to take. My brother is really involved in coding for environmental models and I thought I'd give it a shot. It's definitely worth it now that technology is so prevalent in modern-day life.

Philosophy of War

Philosophy of War is my First-Year Seminar! I was really interested in it because I love international politics and the morality of conflict. The class focuses on discussions and argumentation about the morality of the laws of war. One of the most enjoyable classes I've taken so far.

Introductory Psychology

Psychology 151 is a very engaging class that teaches you the basics of psychology. Both of my parents are psychologists, so I thought it would be a great divisional to take. It really engages your understanding of human interactions, the brain, and mental disorders. A great class, even for non-majors!

My Time at Wake

Here's our ultimate frisbee team that I'm a member of during practice. It was great joining the team and meeting new people! I can't wait to play more next year.

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