HSS 2015

Hoya Spartan Scholars 2015

My HSS Debate Camp

Debate was my "thing," my "niche" in high school, and to really improve it helped to go to a 7-week summer camp with a lab and debate coaches to teach you about research strategies, speaking drills, and argumentative interplay. That year, we all went to camp for 3 weeks at Georgetown University and then 4 weeks at Michigan State University. It was a great experience and I'm still friends with these people!

Washington DC Trip

During the section at Georgetown, four of us had the opportunity to go to the Capitol building and watch the House of Representative vote on Trade Promotion Authority for then-President Obama! It was awesome to see our government in action, and I've wanted to be involved ever since.

This was a hallway with a bunch of tourists in it, but my lab leader from Michigan State that was teaching us had a connection and took us down a side hallways to his sister who let us into the chamber where the House was sitting!

They didn't let us take photos inside the chamber, but this is the thin door that separates the outside of the Capitol building from the huge chamber that the House uses to vote and speak from! Super exciting oportunity.

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