Introduction to Electron Imaging


Instructor: Dr. David Carroll

Class Location: Nanotechnology Center classroom

Time: TBA

Test: Transmission Electron Microscopy Williams and Carter

Ave. Out of Class Prep Time: 1 hour/class

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University


This course introduces the basic use of SEMs and TEMs.  The course is composed of a 1 hour lecture/discussion and a 3 hour laboratory once a week at the NanoCenter on Deacon Blvd.

Grading Policy

Grades are derived from the laboratory grades.

Class Policy

Attendance is mandatory for both components.  No more than 2 labs and 2 lectures may be missed to receive credit for this course. Lab writeups are required from each student.


Lectures and Labs are arranged with the instructor no later than 1 week after the beginning of classes. Offered in the spring semester only.