PHY 656: Intro to Electron Imaging


Instructor: Dr. David Carroll

Class Location: NanoCenter Lecture Room, 501 Deacon Blvd.

Time: TBA

Ave. Out of Class Prep Time: 1 hour/class

Department of Physics

Wake Forest University


This course teaches you to use SEMs and TEMs at a basic level.  The course is composed of a 1 hour lecture/discussion and a 3 hour laboratory once a week at the NanoCenter on Deacon Blvd.

Grading Policy

Grades are derived from the laboratory grades.

Class Policy

Attendance is mandatory for both components.  No more than 2 labs and 2 lectures may be missed to receive credit for this course. Lab writeups are required from each student.


Lectures and Labs are arranged with the instructor at the beginning of the semester.


Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science by Williams and Carter