[OPE-L:7293] Re: [Andrea Vitale] 'Quaderni di Operai Contro' (Vitale): circumstantiated criticism vs calumny]

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 10:15:29 EDT

nice letter.

I would like to add only two things.

One on a possible disagreement with Andrea Vitale. May be that he is 
thinking that, being Marx associated with his first way of doing 
criticism (which may include derisions aand all that), this would be 
a good argument in favour of this style of personalised attacks. if 
this is what Andrea V. thinks, I disagree. he knows that, because I 
wrote this to him some time ago, after the special issue of Operai 
Contro appeared.

Second: I have a strong agreement with his thesis that his 'first 
way' is much better than the second one, to impute opponent positions 
or point of view s/he had never expressed.

In the recent book edited by Vasapollo this is just what happens in 
several essays - I am one of those who are depicted in a highly 
creative way, but I'm not the only one (another one is Napoleoni, but 
there are, I think, many others).

This is simply to say that there may be ways of being apparently 
polite in discussions while actually vilifing opponents.

But on this in the future I intend to write something more 
'official', so at present I stop here.

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