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Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 13:33:30 EST

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OK, I'll bite.

I think we'll see a stabilization of world population in this century
around 8 billion people. The average zero rate of natural increase will be
the average of negative rates of natural increase in rich countries and
positive rates of natural increase in poor countries. This will by any
means solve the pressing problems of global environmental deterioriation,
but it will make them easier to solve.

I think the world capitalist system will evolve mechanisms to mitigate
global warming and other environmental problems over the next 20 years.
These mechanisms will be market-based, but will reflect a substantial
degree of indirect social control over accumulation and production.

These ideas lead to a Menshevik scenario in which capital accumulation
itself puts socialism on the agenda. The socialism that comes out of this
has a big role for markets.


>I have been away from my computer since Thursday and I would like to
>respond (briefly) to Chris's thought-provoking [OPE-L:1976] on "value-form
>theories" (and more specifically on the "grounding" of value) and Akira's
>[OPE-L:1984] on the money supply. Unfortunately, the computer system at
>Pratt is down and those replies will have to wait.
>I join with Fred's and Ajit's best wishes to all for the next millenium!
>When Fred in [OPE-L:1984] forecasts socialism (world-wide?) in the next
>millennium, I wonder whether any other outcome other than the
>destruction of human (and other?) life on this planet is possible?
>I.e. is it conceivable for capitalism to last another 1,000 years???!!!
>My own answer to the last question is "No", *BUT*:
>-- how long can life be sustained within the context of global
> capitalism?;
>-- to what extentr can capitalism adapt to the challenges, e.g.
> ecological, of the next millennium?
>-- are there any *other* options other than capitalism, socialism,
> barbarism, and/or extinction for the next millennium?
>Does anyone have any thoughts on these subjects?
>I hope to re-join the discussion when Pratt goes back on-line
>(and, of course, assuming that my computer boots up after the New Year!).
>btw, I think we have had a really excellent discussion this Fall. I hope
>it continues into the up-coming year.
>In solidarity, Jerry

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