[OPE-L:2138] imperialism, wars and revolutions

From: Gerald Levy (glevy@PRATT.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 13:06:18 EST

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Paul C wrote in [OPE-L:2128]:
> Its just the bias of my Leninism - epoch of wars and revolutions etc -
> showing through.

Isn't the basis for Lenin's perspective on a "epoch of wars and revolution
etc" to be found in his analysis of imperialism? Yet, I thought you were
critical of Lenin's theory of imperialism, including his conception of the
importance of the export of capital. I hope I am not mis-interpreting you
here. Without a theory of imperialism, what would be the basis for the
understanding that we have long been in an "epoch of wars and revolutions
etc."? Also: can a period that some claim has been going on for close to
a century be said to be an "epoch"?

In solidarity, Jerry

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