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> I disagree. The concept of abstract labour, as something that
> exists outside of capitalist relations of production, carries an
> ontological commitment to the existence of a "bearer" of a
> capacity to labour at various tasks, i.e. of beings who have
> evolved the sort of general intelligence and dexterity that
> allows them to transfer their energies from one task to another
> with a high degree of flexibility: us.

Once again Allin has caught me over-reaching myself ... . What he describes
is an alternative ontological commitment to that of VFT. So that debate can

In mitigation, the context was a response to Fred's defence of abstract
labour as a cognitive ('abstract') abstraction as in some sense 'enough'.
Then any ontological resonance of abstract abstract labour does indeed await
some interpretation.
> BTW, Michael, MS Outlook Express is forcing the "Reply to" field
> of your postings to Michael Williams, not OPE-L, which makes it
> a bit awkward if one wants to reply to the list rather than to
> you personally.

Do you think it is Outlook Express? Since you receive my posts from
ope-l@..., not from me, will your mailer not reply to that address (who will
then narrow-cast it to the list)?
I have also had to 'correct' the To field on a number of occasions in order
to get the list rather than the member (I think it was happening with Paul C
for a while?)
I am relectant to give up Outlook Express for a number of reasons concerned
with managing my various mail-boxes via a free ISP and no connection
charges, so is there something I can tweek in the OE accounts set-up, or

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