[OPE-L:7325] Re: Venceremos in Cuba?

From: dashyaf@easynet.co.uk
Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 07:01:50 EDT

Re Jerry's 7319

In our newspaper we produce a great deal about recent events/developments 
in Cuba. See www.rcgfrfi.easynet.co.uk  FRFI and Cuba Vive/RATB sections. 
The latest issue will be available online in two weeks. A speech given by 
Fidel Castro on May Day 2002 claimed that Cuba was the most democratic 
country in the world. There are interesting comparative statistics on  Cuba 
and the rest of Latin America and an important discussion on the issue of 
human  rights.There is no point in repeating his arguments - I agree with 
them - although there is much more to be done. I am sending his article 
separately by e-mail to OPE-L but it can be got online with some other of 
his articles at http://www.ratb.org.uk/html/cspeaks/index.html . At 
www.ratb.org.uk there is wealth of information on Cuba.

Re Carter's visit - even Carter was amazed at the freedom he was given to 
speak to anyone he wanted. His critical speech at the end of his stay was 
produced live on Cuba TV. What was the reporting like of the visit in the 
US? Are the US newspapers reporting anything on the Miami 5 - the five 
Cubans imprisoned for life for fighting the terrorism directed at Cuba by 
the Cuban American National Foundation in Miami?

In solidarity

David Yaffe

  At 18:18 03/06/02 -0400, you wrote:
>David Y wrote in [73l7]:
> >We do however need to examine it as an historical fact
>and learn from that history, in so far as it is possible. This
>is not an academic question but a real practical one and I
>believe the Cubans have tried in adverse circumstances to
>avoid many of the pitfalls of Soviet development. They were
>certainly helped in surviving as a socialist country by the
>existence of the Soviet Union until the collapse of the Soviet
>bloc in 1989-91, so reality is full of real contradictions. But
>many interesting developments are now taking place in Cuba
>and it would be far better to discuss such developments and
>the role the masses play in Cuban political life than try to
>answer the question you pose.<
>OK, let's.   There are lots of "interesting developments"
>that have been taking place in Cuba recently (and in the US
>over the issue of the economic blockade and Carter's visit):
>which ones were you referring to?    How would you describe
>the role the masses currently and historically (since the revolution)
>play in Cuban political life?
>In solidarity, Jerry

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