[OPE-L] A Bolivarian Encounter

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sun Feb 19 2006 - 17:04:37 EST

Yes, Michael L, the Encuentro ("Towards the Creation of a
National Solidarity Network with Venezuela -- III Encounter of
Bolivarian Circles and Solidarity Organizations in Support of
the Bolivarian Revolution. February 17-19, NY, NY) went
well.  I'm a bit worn out though after two full days of meetings.
Since the encuentro was in NYC there were, of course, a lot
of Venezuelan ambassadors -- and, predictably, even ambabassadors
from a revolutionary government are l-o-n-g -winded!  

But, despite the wide representation of different solidarity groups
and Bolivarian Circles and despite the fact that there were a 
lot of debates and disagreements on what should be done at
the conference,  in the end (to most people's surprise) we actually 
did get quite a bit done in preparation for founding of a network
of solidarity in Washington in March, see http://www.lasolidarity.org
Yesterday we agreed to support a number of projects including 
building an online solidarity internet and radio network between 
North America and Europe which will involve the expansion of  the 
network at <http://www.circulosbolivarianos.org.ve>. We also voted to 
support a demonstration in Washington on April 8 to protest US
policies against Venezuela and Cuba.  Today,  we decided by 
consensus on a number of principles (12, I think) and a 
statement about what happened at the Encuentro which should
be published in a couple of days.  The attendance yesterday 
afternoon was quite high and there was -- for a while -- standing 
room only.  But, at other times, attendance was lighter.  

Well, that's what I did this weekend.  What did you and others
on the list do?

In solidarity, Jerry

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