Re: [OPE-L] price of production/value

From: Paul Cockshott (wpc@DCS.GLA.AC.UK)
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 16:58:38 EST

Paul, as I discussed in a previous post, I am not insisting that every
theory use the same conceptual frameowrk.  Rather, I am emphasizing
that Marx's conceptual framework is very different from Sraffa's
conceptual framework, and thus that the conclusions derived from
Sraffa's framework do not apply to marx's framework.  I also agree
(with some reservations) that Sraffa's theory is about the same
reality as Marx's theory.  But I argue that Sraffian conclusions about
that reality (e.g. values not linked to prices) are not correct
conclusions, because the Sraffian framework is not the correct
framework for analyzing capitalist reality.

I agree that the sraffian framework is deficient, but I would argue
that it is deficient because it assumes a uniform rate of profit.

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