[OPE-L] empirical research on labor and value

From: Jurriaan Bendien (adsl675281@TISCALI.NL)
Date: Fri Feb 24 2006 - 11:35:42 EST

The source is Pierre Frank's history of the Comintern (in French, I think
published by La Breche). From memory, he did not cite sources - basically,
he tried to estimate the total number of wage-earners and some broad
categories. To my knowledge, nobody has actually tried to estimate and
analyse the composition of the global structure of social classes, although
there are some estimates that point in that direction. I've never got that
far myself - all I remember doing  (in 1987) is compiling longrun time
series data on the memberships of the world's Communist Parties and the SD
parties to show the rise and decline of these parties. In order to get a
prevalence statistic, you then had to estimate the size of the wage-earning
class and so on, but I never got round to it. I've started far more
inquiries than I pursued to the finish with a published article. Prof.
Marcel van der Linden has a useful essay on "conceptualising the world
working class" which provides some pointers which you have to consider in
the estimation procedure.


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