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From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 13:40:55 EST

A colleague of mine at my University has 
published a new book that may be of interest to 
somebody on this list.

Vertova Giovanna (2006) (ed )
The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization
Routledge, Milton Park


The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization
Giovanna Vertova





Pub Date:

20 APR 2006


Hardback Book




256 pages
(Dimensions 234X156 mm)

The process of globalization has had profound, 
often destabilizing, effects on space, at all 
levels (i.e. local, regional, national, 
international). This revealing book analyzes, 
both theoretically and empirically, the effects 
of globalization over space. It considers, 
through a dialogue among different paradigms, the 
ways in which space has become more important in 
the global economy.

Globalization has been advocated as a way of 
shrinking time and space which will lead to a 
homogenized global market; a suggestion 
challenged in differing ways and with a variety 
of approaches by all the contributors to this 
volume. Leading authorities from a range of 
disciplines are represented amongst this 
impressive list of contributors, including Eric 
Sheppard, Bjørn Asheim, Richard Walker and Peter 

The chapters demonstrate persuasively the 
continuing, and even increasing, role of space in 
the global economy, and throughout, the book 
covers viewpoints from the fields of:

*       international political economy
*       economic geography
*       regional and local economics.

This impressive volume, which contains a 
selection of the best in contemporary 
scholarship, will be of interest to the 
international arena of academicians, policy 
makers and professionals in these or related 



Introduction: "reinventing space", Giovanna Vertova

Part I. Theoretical Perspectives

Chapter 1. Lost in space? The geographical and 
political dimension of uneven capitalist 
development, Riccardo Bellofiore and Giovanna 

Chapter 2. Positionality and globalization in economic geography, Eric Sheppard

Chapter 3. A systemic approach to territorial 
studies: deconstructing territorial 
competitiveness, Sergio Conti and Paolo Giaccaria

Chapter 4. Place is what we think with or spatial 
history, intellectual capital and competitive 
distinction, Peter Swann

Part II. Empirical evidence

Chapter 5. The boom and the bombshell: the new 
economy bubble and the San Francisco Bay area, 
Richard Walker

Chapter 6. The role of regional innovation 
systems in a globalizing economy: comparing 
knowledge bases and institutional frameworks of 
Nordic clusters, Bjørn Asheim and Lars Coenen

Chapter 7. Spatial externalities and local 
employment dynamics, Raffaele Paci and Stefano 

Chapter 8. Accessibility and regional growth in 
Europe: the role of ICT policies, Roberta Capello 
and Alessia Spairani

Chapter 9. Regional inequalities and EU 
enlargement: the macrospatial dimension, 
Marinella Terrasi

Series Information:
Routledge Studies in Global Competition

Author Biography:

Giovanna Vertova is an Assistant Professor in 
Political Economy at the University of Bergamo, 

Full Contributors:

Bjørn T. Asheim is Professor of Economic 
Geography at the University of Lund (Sweden), and 
Professor at the Centre of Technology, 
Innovation, and Culture, University of Oslo 

Riccardo Bellofiore is Professor of Political 
Economy at the University of Bergamo, as well as 
Research Associate, in the History and 
Methodology of Economics Group at the University 
of Amsterdam.

Roberta Capello is Professor of Regional and 
Urban Economics at the Politecnico of Milan.

Lars Coenen is PhD candidate at CIRCLE, the 
multidisciplinary Centre for Innovation, Research 
and Competence in the Learning Economy, and the 
Department of Social and Economic Geography at 
Lund University (Sweden).

Sergio Conti is currently Professor of Economic 
Geography at the University of Turin, where he 
has been the Dean from 2002 to 2005.

Paolo Giaccaria is Lecturer in Economic and 
Politica at the University of Turin.

Raffaele Paci is Professor of Economics at the 
University of Cagliari and Director of CRENoS 
(Centre for North South Economic Research).

Eric Sheppard is Professor of Geography, and 
member of the Interdisciplinary Center for the 
Study of Global Change at the University of 

Alessia Spairani is a researcher at the 
Department of Management, Economics and 
Industrial Engeneering at the Politecnico of 

Peter G.M. Swann is Professor of Industrial 
Economics at the University of Nottingham 
Business School.

Marinella Terrasi is Associate Professor of 
Regional Economics in the Department of Economics 
at the University of Pisa.

Stefano Usai is Associate Professor of Economics 
at the University of Cagliari and a researcher of 
CRENoS (Center for North-South Economic Research).

Giovanna Vertova is Assistant Professor at the University of Bergamo.

Richard Walker is Professor of Geography at the 
University of California, Berkeley.

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