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The current issue of _Economic and Political Weekly_  is on
           "Brazil: Lula's Mixed Record in Office."
A  description of the contents from the EPW homepage follows.  You can
access the articles, for the time being, at

In solidarity, Jerry

     VOLUME 41  NO 8 February 25 , 2006

      Brazil: Lula's Mixed Record in Office
      In 2002, in an event without historical precedence in Brazil, the
candidate of a left party, Luiz Inacio da Silva ('Lula') of the
Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) - the Workers' Party - won the
elections. A series of articles examine Lula's record in office,
including his macroeconomic, agrarian and foreign policies.
      (see below)

          *Lula at the Crossroads?*
          The Lula administration has been forced to seek broad
parliamentary alliances, even as it has had increasingly
conflict-ridden relationships with the very social movements
that played a role in bringing the Workers` Party to power in
the first place.

          *Orthodox Economic Policies of the Lula Administration*
          The Lula administration has essentially continued with the
orthodox economic policies of the past; high real interest rates
continue to impede economic growth.

          *Rural Sector under the Lula Government*
          Despite having the backing of the country`s principal landless
rural workers` movements, the Lula government`s performance in
terms of agrarian reform has been very poor.

             *Brazil`s External Policy*
          The Brazilian government`s record in the realm of international
relations has been remarkable, whether that of leading the south
American countries in withstanding pressures from the US to sign
into the Free Trade Area of the Americas, or requiring
reciprocal fingerprinting and photographing for US citizens
entering Brazil and imposing penalties on those brazen visitors
who tried to challenge it.

          *The 1999 Brazilian Financial Crisis*
          The path to the 1999 financial crisis in Brazil started with a
massive surge in inflows, but the scene was soon dominated by
the high domestic interest rates.


            Lula at the Crossroads?

            Orthodox Economic Policies of the Lula Administration

            Lula Government and the Brazilian Political Scenario

            Rural Sector under the Lula Government

            Brazil`s External Policy

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