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Theories of Under Consumption / Mukherjee, Sajal

             BOOK DETAILS

              AUTHOR Mukherjee, Sajal
              TITLE Theories of Under Consumption;
              viii, 138p., Figs., Bib., 23 cm.
              CONTENTS:- Acknowledgment; Introduction; The consumption
function; Malthus "Theory of Underconsumption"; Marx's
theory of underconsumption; Hobson's theory of
underconsumption; keynesian theory of effective demand;
Comparative study of the various under consumptionist
theories under study; Summary and relevance of the
underconsumption theories in underdeveloped countries;
              YEAR PUBLISHED 2006
              PLACE Delhi
              ISBN 81-7054-422-x
              PRICE US$ 17.78*

              Books on underconsumption theories are rare; this book is an
attempt to satisfy this desire of economists.
Underconsumption theories started with the publication of B.
Mandevilles' book 'The fable of the bees' in 1714. After an
introductory chapter, the succeeding chapters deal at length
the underconsumption theories of malthus, Marx, Hobson and
Keynes, In chapter VII, the comparative study of the varous
underconsumption theories is discussed. Finally in the last
chapter, relevance of the theories of underconsumption to
under developed countries is portrayed.

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