[OPE-L] The politics of autonomy

From: Jerry Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Fri Mar 17 2006 - 16:57:14 EST

John H's perspective figures prominently in this issue of
_The Anomalist_.  /  In solidarity, Jerry
The Anomalist journal.
Issue 2 - 'The politics of autonomy'.

Available for download now from: http://theanomalist.com

When the Zapatistas burst onto the world stage on New Years day 1994
they breathed some autonomous fresh air into a stagnant global
political stage. Despite being initially dismissed as a throwback to
earlier times they sparked a whole new wave of autonomous politics
from Seattle to Argentina. And yet some 12 years on this inspiring
movement, and the alternatives it encouraged, are being increasingly
brought into question. On the one hand the coming to power of leftwing
governments in South America brings the possibility of viable
non-autonomous relationships between the state and social movements.
From a different direction, the political leverage of the War on
Terror threatens to cast all alternative political spaces as 'becoming
dangerous' on a 'what if?' basis.

It seems timely that the second issue of the Anomalist journal has the
theme of 'the politics of autonomy'.

'Autonomous Voices' - Keir Milburn & Brad Evans

'Can we Change the World Without Taking Power?' by John

'In Conversation' - John Ross & John Holloway

'Indigenous Autonomy as a Strategy for Social Inclusion' by John Gledhill -

'The Shock of Violence' by Steffen Boehm

'War of Colours' by Brad Evans

'Taking Back Control' by Natasha Gordon & Paul Chatterton

'Moments of Excess' by the Free Association

'The Story of Colours' by Subcommandante Marcos

'The Word and the Silence' (Audio: MP3) by Subcommandante Marcos

'The Road from la Garrucha'

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