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From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Sun Mar 26 2006 - 11:58:08 EST

At 06:07 26/03/2006, jerry wrote:
>Hi Mike L,
> > Characteristically, rather than examining my evidence and reasoning,
> > Albritton declares this to be 'theory as wish-fulfillment and not a theory
> > as rigorous analysis of capitalism' and proceeds to erupt in Althusserian
> > outrage over 'humanism' and 'essentialism'. There's no surprise here---
> > the Uno-Sekine conception of pure capitalism at its very core rejects any
> > suggestion that capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction; its
> > purpose is to present capitalism 'as if it were a
> self-perpetuating entity'
> > (Uno, 1980: 125).
>I don't really grasp the connection (wedding) that you are trying to make
>between Uno-theory and Althusserian theory -- as  condensed in your
>referring to Rob Albritton as "Rob Althusser."

what a hilarious slip!
>You lost me: when and where have Althusserians advanced a "conception
>of pure capitalism" as if  capitalism was a "self-perpetuating entity"?
>Shouldn't  Althusser's  conception of overdetermination and antagonism
>towards "Hegelianisms"  tell us that Uno-theory (in which basic theory is
>separated from stages theory) and Althusserian theory are quite

sorry, Jerry (and all)--- the points may be clearest by looking at
rob's review and my response. It's Rob who combines Uno-Sekine theory
(not the only variant of Uno-theory) and Althusser. By citing the
text of my response (for lack of time to do otherwise) I introduced
this confusing matter rather than staying with my substantive point
which is that a response to Rob's critique of Chris (and me) should
begin by recognising that he starts not from Capital but from
Uno-Sekine. Incidently, I should stress that, despite our obvious
theoretical differences, Rob and I are friends and have both worked
on the Havana Marx conferences.
         in solidarity,

>In solidarity, Jerry

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