[OPE-L] valorization

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Mon Aug 14 2006 - 12:34:09 EDT

Hi David Y, Paul B, and Jurriaan:

Just a quick note.  I think there are two issues here, which
at times, might have been conflated:

1) precision

Translations, of course, strive for precision.  The issue
arises in this context, I think, because there is a word
in German which can't be rendered easily into English, i.e.
there is no comparable single word which conveys the same
meaning as the German original.  Jurriaan has made the case
that "valorization" is the best rendering into English from
the original and has advanced a number of conceptual reasons
for why this term is desirable.

2) everday language

Marx, it seems to me, despite his concern for precision (as
Michael H emphasized in the Spring), also wanted _Capital_ to
be readable.  I.e. it had to be written in a form that would
allow it to be read by the socialists and revolutionary workers
of his day in order to have the utmost political impact.  This,
perhaps, relates to the concern of David Y and Paul B.
"Valorization" is, after all, hardly a word on the tips of the
tongues of English speakers.  Of course,  Marx was schooled in
philosophy but can anyone on the list think of words in the
original German version of _Das Kapital_ which would not have been
recognized by German workers?

These two concerns are not always easy to reconcile.

In solidarity, Jerry

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