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From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 02:34:49 EDT

Hi Jerry,
         Let me stress that I did not design that cover; however,
insofar as I battled against the first cover idea, which can still be
seen on Amazon--- as a passive, defeated image which was contrary to
the message of the book--- I am in a sense responsible. I much prefer
this cover (which is striking and some people LOVE it), but I did try
to get something else. From a note to MR about the cover:

>I feel a bit sheepish about not recognising that cover as a classic
>Soviet poster. It's a celebration of the collective farm from 1930
>('Come and Join our Collective Farm, Comrade')-- at the very time
>that peasants were being hustled abruptly into them and were quickly
>consuming their farm animals in anticipation. With my legendary
>perverse sense of humour, I love it (and it is a very striking
>image, as I indicated); however, I think it is rather important that
>there be some indication on the cover that socialism for the 21st
>Century will not reproduce this particular experience. Not the
>cellphone--- could be seen as being used for a call for help!
>Anyway, anything that could prevent the easy shots at the 'fresh,
>clear and innovative vision of a socialist future'! Please.

         in solidarity,
At 20:25 30/08/2006, you wrote:
>Hi Mike L:
>Congratulations!  Who designed and chose the cover design? Despite the
>contemporary symbolism of a cell phone, I think that its 'socialist
>realist' art is ironic for a book which is "a fresh, clear and innovative
>vision of a socialist future".
>More info. on the book follows.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>Socialism for the Twenty-First Century
>by Michael A. Lebowitz
>Build It Now puts forward a clear and innovative vision of a
>socialist future, and at the same time shows how concrete steps can
>be taken to make that vision a reality. It shows how the
>understanding of capitalism can itself become a political act-a
>defense of the real needs of human beings against the ongoing advance
>of capitalist profit.
>Throughout the book, Michael Lebowitz addresses the concerns of
>people engaged in struggle to create a better world, but aware that
>this struggle must be informed by the realities of the twenty-first
>century. Many chapters of the book began life as speeches to worker
>organizations in Venezuela, where worker self-management is on the
>agenda. Written by an eminent scholar, this is far more than an
>academic treatise. The book brings an internationalist outlook and
>vast knowledge of global trends to bear on concrete efforts to
>transform contemporary society.
>Build It Now is a testament to the ongoing vitality of the Marxist
>tradition, drawing on its deep resources of analytical insight and
>moral passion and fusing them into an essential guide to the
>struggles of our time.
>Table of Contents
>1. The Needs of Capital vs. the Needs of Human Beings
>2. Ideology and Economic Development
>3. The Knowledge of a Better World
>4. Reclaiming a Socialist Vision
>5. Socialism Doesn't Drop from the Sky
>6. Seven Difficult Questions
>7. The Revolution of Radical Needs:
>Behind the Bolivarian Choice of a Socialist Path
>August 2006
>$14.95 paper
>128 pp.
>Political Theory
>About the Author
>MICHAEL A. LEBOWITZ is professor emeritus of economics at Simon Fraser
>University in Vancouver, Canada, and the author of Beyond Capital:
>Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class, winner of the
>Isaac Deutscher memorial prize for 2004.

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