RE: [OPE] market socialism

Date: Thu Jul 03 2008 - 11:33:09 EDT

Hi Paul C and Ian (and others):
An alternative to paying more for someone who works more 
is to give the person who works more additional leisure time 
in compensation. A material incentive, after all, can take more
forms than simply increased wages.
As for 'working harder', I'm not sure what you mean. In all 
industries there tends to be an average productivity and
intensity of labor. If the fear is workers 'slacking off' then I think 
that fails to grasp the different nature of the system.
In solidarity, Jerry
> We advocate equal payment to labour. If one person works harder and is more productive> as a result then they get more. As Marx says, payment according to labour is still> a right in inequality since productive capacities differ.> What we argue against is the idea that particular trades or professions as a whole> should be paid at a higher rate.

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