Re: SV: SV: [OPE] The genocidal implications of biofuels

From: Ian Wright (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2008 - 12:21:00 EDT

Reported by KPFA (radio station) this morning:

"World Bank: Biofuels Caused Food Prices to Soar 75%

The Guardian newspaper has obtained an unpublished World Bank report
that found biofuels have caused world food prices to increase by 75
percent. The World Bank report was finished in April but reportedly not
published in order to avoid embarrassing the US government, which has
claimed plant-derived fuels have pushed up prices by only three percent.
The report found that biofuels has distorted food markets by diverting
grain away from food for fuel, encouraging farmers to set aside land for
its production, and sparked financial speculation on grains."


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