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Date: Thu Jul 10 2008 - 04:00:25 EDT

Ok Jerry. I’m going to read carefully Zachariah’s paper and then I going to advance specific critiques.
Let me some time. I’m finishing a paper in English entitled: “The Rawlsian Basis of the Venezuelan Democracy’s Failure”, to be submitted for a workshop on Latin America organized in Norway
This is a paper that you may be interested in criticize.
Kind regards,
A. Agafonow

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Hi Alejandro:
Citing David's "Labour Values and the Equalisation of
Profit Rates" (which can be downloaded at: please tell us the
specific assumption he is making - in his own words - 
that you are challenging. I.e, I want to see an actual 
quote and page # from his paper so that I can understand 
your objection better.  Thanks in advance.
In solidarity, Jerry
No Zachariah, you don’t find a strong correlation between labour values and their prices. You find this correlation between labour values and an “artificial variable”, an average monetary profit. If you really compare labour values with real monetary single profits without averaging, this correlation is not so strong. This is part of the methodological tricks I am against. Does this offer an answer to your example of the 2D graph?

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