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I am at the conference now. The standard of the papers so far has been very good,
some fascinating empirical work on profit rates is being presented.

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[The following papers for this conference are available online.  Go to above 
document and click on links.  I imagine other papers will also be published
online. /  In solidarity, Jerry]

Probabilistic Political Economy	  	  	

Laws of Chaos in the 21st Century


Abstracts available from 14 - 16 July 2008 



 	  	 Luca Di Gennaro and Domenico Costantini <> 	 Farjoun and Machover and Keynes and a probabilistic political economy	  	
 	  	 Dave Zachariah <> 	 Determinants of the average profit rate and the trajectory of capitalist economies	  	


 	  	 Frederico Jayme Katz <> 	 Methodological contributions from chaos theory	  	
 	  	 Paul  Cockshott 
and Allin Cottrell <> 	 Probabilistic political economy and endogenous money	  	
 	  	 Steve Keen <> 	 The non-conservation of money	  	
 	  	 Victor Yakovenko <> 	 Statistical mechanics of money, income and wealth	  	
Video link	  	 Dieter Braun	 Book-keeping mechanics of money	  	
 	  	 Masanao Aoki <> 	 Some non-exponential macroeconomic growth models	  	
 	  	 Piero Ferri and Anna Maria Variato <> 	 Uncertainty and learning in stochastic macro models	  	
 	  	 Mauro Gallegati et al. <> 	 Business fluctuations in an evolving network economy	  	


 	  	 Nils Froehlich <> 	 Labour values and market prices in the German economy	  	

Lin Lin <> 

	Some extensions to Wright's 'social architecture' model

 	  	 Peter Fleissner <> 	 On the production of labour value and use value in capitalist and pre-capitalist worlds	  	
 	  	 Michael Webber <> 	 Primitive accumulation: interactions between capitalist and non-capitalist modes of production	  	


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