RE: [OPE] English-German translations? Erfurt Programme

Date: Thu Jul 24 2008 - 09:45:17 EDT

Concerning the question you raise there is one paragraph in the Erfurt Programme.It says that "The struggle of working class is necessarily a political struggle. Without political rights working class  cannot improve its economic struggles and economic organisations. It cannot bring about the transition of the means of production into the property of all without getting into the occupation of political power." (My translation) So can you please explain what you mean by state centred in the light of this paragraph. I have the feeling we are putting entirely different meaning into this expression. 
Hi Dogan:
It is summed up in the belief that there must be a "occupation of political power".
vs. the idea that socialism represents a "free association of workers"..
I am referring to a vision of socialism in which there is central planning and the 
institutions of the state remain intact but are now in the control of a workers'
government. This centralized - and often, authoritarian - conception of socialism 
differs from more decentralized, autonomous, and directly democratic models 
of socialism.
In solidarity, Jerry

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