RE: [OPE] Mastering Marxian Economics

Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 09:09:40 EDT

> What precisely is your VLP?> 1. How is it defined?
Hi Dave Z:
VLP = the _value_ (and, hence, SNLT) represented by the _commodities_ 
which enter into the reproduction of the _commodity_ labour-power.
I have emphasized value, commodity, and the commodity character 
of LP above to make it clear that the definition of the VLP is related
to - and a consequence of - those other concepts.
It should be clear, for instance, that if something enters into the 
reproduction of LP but does not take the commodity-form then 
it is not counted (in _practice_) as part of the VLP. Furthermore, the
idea that LP is a commodity is part and parcel of a specific social
relation between capital and wage-labor. 
> Labour-power takes> 2. How can you make it operational?> 3. How could one measure this quantity?
These are secondary questions. The scientific question should not
be how _we_ can make a concept operational or how we can 
measure a quantity but rather whether LP _is_ a reality associated
with capitalism which is made operational and comes to be
quantified *in practice*. 
>  Now the question > arises: Does the social labour> time necessary to reproduce use-values set general constraints on any > society not merely capitalist societies?
That's not a question I am much interested in.
Asking questions like that leads to ahistorical generalizations such 
as the concept of opportunity costs.
In solidarity, Jerry

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