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Well he says 'us' (not the distancing 'US') .... 'look like a bully', which
to me suggests the possibility that it might not be, ie it is all

What 'worthwhile strategic objectives' is he recommending for US



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>> The longstanding U.S. sanctions against Cuba, for instance, have
>> neither been effective nor contributed to larger and
>> worthwhile strategic objectives - these silly sanctions simply
>> made us look like a bully in the neighborhood."
>From this it seems that Bina associates himself with US Imperialism, is
> advising on the betterment of its strategy, is embarrassed by
> the present and continuing policy against the Cuban people, and seeks
> 'worthwhile strategic objectives', which seems to mean new and more
> successful anti Cuban policies.

Paul B:
Opposition to the sanctions against Cuba can hardly be reasonably
interpreted as associating with US imperialism! To say that the sanctions
have not been effective is simply a statement of fact. To say that they are
"silly" is subjective but to say that they make the US
"look like a bully in the neighborhood" is the perception, I think, of
the majority of working and poor people in the world. As for "larger and
worthwhile strategic objectives", Cyrus doesn't indicate what exactly he is
referring to and I see no reason to jump to any conclusions about what he
intended by that expression.
In solidarity, Jerry
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