[OPE] Hart-Landsberg, "China, capitalist accumulation and the world crisis"

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* China, capitalist accumulation and the world crisis - http://feedblitz.com/r.asp?l=44886629&f=343373&u=12973661&c=3647034

By Martin Hart-Landsberg

[A version of
this article appeared in the South Korean journal, Marxism 21. It
has been posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal with
Hart-Landsberg's permission.]

February 2010 --
consensus among economists is that China's post-1978 market
reform policies
have produced one of the worldâ&euro;&trade;s
greatest economic success stories. Some
believe that China is now
capable of serving as an anchor for a new (non-US
dominated) global
economy. A few claim that the reform experience demonstrates
workability (and desirability) of market socialism. This paper is critical

of these views. 

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