Re: [OPE] Human Security and Liberal Peace. Some Rawlsian Considerations

Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 17:11:24 EDT

> An economic theory without a political theory of stability is, in my
> criteria, destined to fail.
Hi Alejandro:
Political stability by itself is not a necessarily a desibable objective.
Stability for whom? At whose expense? Some of the most repressive regimes in
recent history, e.g. Chile under Pinochet, were relatively stable.
> I think that political
> liberalism is fully compatible with socialism, though my short paper
> does not deal with socialism directly.
I think you are using the term liberalism in a way which abstracts from its class
nature and historical origins.
In any event, repression - and imperialist wars - under capitalism are often brought
about by 'liberals'.
In solidarity, Jerry
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