Re: [OPE] market - and other kinds of - socialism

Date: Mon May 02 2011 - 03:52:33 EDT

> I any case, I would like to
> deal with less purely ideological statements when I discuss with you.

That's why I originally in this thread raised the subject in terms of
economic history (including the experience of market socialism in
the former Yugoslavia, China under Deng Xiaoping, Hungary
under the NEM beginning in 1968, etc.). My point was simply that you
should discuss apples for apples: i.e. if you wanted to reference
the experience of centrally planned economies then you should also
reference the experience of market socialism AND/OR if you wanted to talk
about a different conception of market socialism than that historically
experienced that you could compare that to OTHER conceptions of socialism
which have not been tried (such as the C-C model).
In solidarity, Jerry
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