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Date: Mon May 02 2011 - 17:41:07 EDT

> Jerry, you should be able to work out the answer to this question all by
> yourself, if you really read what I said in my last post.


Since you say the communism's "existence today is real and important" it
should be easy for you to tell us where.

I read your post: the relevant section concerned was how the material
foundations for communism are rooted in 'historical evolution' (especially,
capitalism) and the capacity of our species for cooperation. These, however,
refer to historical *pre-conditions* for communism and should in no way be
taken to mean that communism actually exists today - which was your claim.
I can't think of anywhere in the world today where the existence of
communism is real and important but if you can, well, I'd like to hear
where. I don't think I'd agree but at least I'd have a clearer
understanding on what your perspective on this topic is. Of course,
you are also free to retract your claim.
In solidarity, Jerry

>> Communism evidently doesn't exist in a pure,
>> complete, fully developed, and absolute form, and perhaps it never will;
>> but
>> nevertheless its existence today is real and important.
> Where, Paula?
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