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Michael W and others:

I occasionally receive 'China-Wire' which has news stories on China and
elsewhere that should be of interest.

Also, see below.

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: [CHINA-WIRE] May 1 - Labour Day News
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Date: Wed, May 4, 2011 2:12 am
Welcome to CHINA-WIRE!

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) to see the latest news and articles stored in our archives.

CHINA-WIRE provides updates on issues from news sources within China to
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Check below for recent articles from our site...

One day in a year for the real heroes (
May 1 is a holiday in more than 80 countries. Hundreds of millions of
people will get a days respite from their grinding work routine on the
first working day of next week. But many of them will be unaware of the
sacrifices their laboring [...]

Overdue Labor Day gift (
As the fruit of marathon talks, the largest collective contract in the
country has raised the minimum wages for about 450,000 laborers in the
catering sector in Wuhan, Central Chinas Hubei province, by 30 percent,
excluding payment for [...]

Labor union reform called for as migrant workers seek better protection on
legal rights (
Li Chunhao, a migrant worker from southwest Chinas Guizhou Province, works
at a security company in the eastern Zhejiang Province. Li said that when
it comes to claiming back unpaid wages, he would consider resorting to
violence [...]

National labor shortage looms on horizon (
Editors Notes: The results of the 2010 Chinese population census have just
been published, showing that the Chinese population (excluding Hong Kong,
Macao, and Taiwan) has risen to 1.34 billion. But why the figure is not
close to publics [...]

Labor union reform called for (
Li Chunhao, a migrant worker from Southwest Chinas Guizhou province, works
at a security company in the eastern Zhejiang province. Li said that when
it comes to claiming back unpaid wages, he would consider resorting to
violence [...]

Remaining iron rice bowls to be dashed away (
For decades, public institutions that enjoy bianzhi (government funding
for fixed positions) have been the favorite choice for Chinese who cant
get a place as officials or civil servants. These institutions are mostly
non-profit organizations that [...]

Farmers unions can make fair prices for all (
It seems that rising food price brought farmers nothing but misery.
Vegetables retail at rocketing prices but the extra profits dont reach
farmers pockets, while the wholesale prices of vegetables sold by farmers
are actually sliding. In one [...]

Invisible hand not enough to ensure fair wages (
Editors Notes: Although China has increasingly grown rich in recent years,
the distribution of wealth remains skewed. Former Chinese leader Deng
Xiaoping spoke of letting some get rich first, but many in China are now
wondering [...]

200m in danger of workplace disease (
Occupational disease has overtaken workplace accidents as the biggest
danger to Chinese workers with 200 million potentially under threat, a
senior trade union official warned. Tang Chun, an occupational disease
expert with the labor [...]

Minimum wage goes up highest in Zhejiang (
East Chinas Zhejiang province has raised its minimal salary the most of
the 12 provinces and municipalities, mostly in southern and eastern
coastal areas, that have raised minimum wages this year in the hope of
attracting workers. The [...]

Hukou longest stopgap policy in China (
The discriminative home-buying policy, charted by Beijing, Shanghai and
other Chinese cities earlier this year, which permits permanent urban
residents to buy two homes, but non-permanent migrant workers to purchase
only one, again [...]


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