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From: GERALD LEVY <> To: Outline on Political Economy mailing list <> Sent: Thu, May 5, 2011 7:04:39 PM Subject: Re: [OPE] market - and other kinds of - socialism In, on the other hand, it's a smaller party which is using the elections as an educational vehicle for explaining their programme to working people, then it certainly makes sense for them to also specify a socialist programme. i.e. a vision of how an alternative, socialist society would be organized (and, also, explaining the problems associated with the conception of 'evolutionary socialism' and how working people will have to eventually surpass a parliamentary process of change). 'Using electionss as an educational vehicle for explaining programme to working people......'This kind of programme which we call in India 'parliamentary path' as opposed to 'revolutionary path'.The past experience showed that once you enter into it, the bourgeois legislature will engulf you and you will become a tail to one of the two major bourgeois 'coalitions'. Instead of participating in elections, a communist group or party can spend all its energies on educating the classes or masses belonging  to various sections of the working class through conducting struggles on immediate as well as long term issues. In India, this debate has been there among the so called ML [Marxist-Leninist] parties who declare their ideology as MARXISM-LENINISM-MAO'S THOUGHT or Maoism. This is for your information from India and not to contest your view point.

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