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Subject: Fw: BBC World Service program on Microcredit wins prestigious One World Award for radio

On May 11th it was announced that a BBC World Service program was the winner of
the One World Award for a Radio program with its 'Assignment: India's
Microcredit Meltdown'. The program carefully made its main points, it allowed

supporters to put their point of view (here, Vikram Akula), but it concluded
that microcredit - especially of the commercialised variety - was more of a
problem for the poor than a solution to their poverty. You can listen to the
program at:


Here's what the judges had to say about the 30 minute program:

'Revelatory. Threw a light on an otherwise rather hidden topic. Very
well-structured. It flowed well. Drew in the listener to every aspect of the
issue. Good investigative journalism but never dry. It demolished cleverly the
Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus’ claim that microfinance could ‘put poverty in a
museum’. Told human stories but held to account the people at the top of the
microcredit business. A measured, subtle and memorable piece. A unanimous

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