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Date: Wed May 18 2011 - 05:45:40 EDT

I agree.
I also declined the invitation to join the creation of the WEA in 2003.

In solidarity,


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I joined this but it I am somewhat miffed that - even though the
call emphasizes that membership is free - once you join you are
immediately asked TWICE (first in the page that comes up after
joining and then in a separate e-mail) for a donation. Also
annoying is the fact that you are not told what the monies are
to be used for other than the very vague claim that
monies will "go directly to supporting its (the WEA's) mission".
I have found that where progressive organizations ask for money, it is
generally (but not always) corrupting. For instance, money is needed
for expenses which are taken to include paid staff and then individuals
compete for jobs, job security, access to funds, and power. This is
different from relying on a model of voluntary labor.

In solidarity, Jerry
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