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This is just to thank Gerry for his interest in R&W (1989). I hope that I
will get round to answering at least some of his queries within the next
month, but my responses may be more programmatic than substantial.
Geert & I have done only a little work together that develops the critical
systematic presentation beyond what we did in the book. This has consisted
primarily of some development of a theory of the capitalist 'mixed
economy'. The flavour of it can be got from:

With primary reference to the 'liberal democracies'::
Williams, M. & G. Reuten, The Political Economy of Welfare and Economic
Policy. The European Journal of Political Economy 10, 1994, pp. 253-78
(reprinted as Tinbergen Institute, Economics Theory Reprint no. 3801)

Reuten, G. & M. Williams, The Necessity of Welfare: the systemic conflicts
of the state-economy relationship in capitalist society. Science and
Society 57.4, Winter 1993-4 [ISSN 0036 8237], pp. 420-40

Reuten, G. & M. Williams 'The Contradictory Imperatives of Social and
Economic Policy in the Mixed Economy' conditionally accepted by the Review
of Political Economy, August, 1996; revised version submitted January 1997

Williams, M & G. Reuten After the Rectifying Revolution: the contradictions
of the mixed economy? The Political-Economic Transformations in Central and
Eastern Europe. Capital and Class 49, 1992-3 [ISSN 0309 8168], pp. 77-112
we looked at the 'tragic neglect of civil society' (the consequences of
which were and still are daily news items) in the bourgeois economic advice
to the collapsing 'actually existing socialist' states.

I have also tackled the key notion of subjectivity, but from its
problematical representation in orthodox microeconomics rather than in
Marxism, in a conference paper:
In September 1996, presented to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitšt,
Frankfurt am Main, conference *Perspectives on the Individual: rational
selves, post-modern subjects*: called 'The unchanging Economics'
Perspective on the Individual: rational economic man and the question of
I intend to (eventually!) link this back to the value-form theoretic
conceptualisation of subjectivity.

[If anyone has trouble getting their hands on any of these in which they
are interested, let me know which one(s), so that they can be early
candidates for the Web page upon which I am working when I have any time
(Ha! Ha! Ha!, said eyore)

Dr Michael Williams
"Books are Weapons"

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