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I didn't think you were defending the neoclassical dichotomy and I'm
glad you agreed with some of what I wrote. Reflecting on morality in the
context of Hegel's critique in the Phenomenology, I recall two moments: 1.
Morality as a positive beginning toward reconstructing community after its
collapse in the terror of negative absolute freedom in the French Revolution
(the intellectuals run amok). 2. The failure of morality, of "good will" to
actualize itself in the teeth of a resistant relality because it also fails
to develop the content of actuality theoretically. (and later) 3. The
"beautiful soul" holding itself and its universal "pure" against practice.
My point is on the need to not hold subjectivity and objectivity in two
separate compartments in order to actually develop a movement that actually
transforms reality. I'm discussing/debating this issue with the Chair of
our business department who keeps telling me that "practical" businessmen,
(who really know what is going on) want to see positive profits and will not
understand even the idea of "excess profits" as an indication of the
misallocation of resources. It is the Chairperson who equates profits to
I've got to run, Ted