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Thu, 20 Feb 1997 14:18:40 -0800 (PST)

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In ope-l 4241 Jerry asks:
> Not many of us have dissertation students. Suppose you did. If a smart,
> young graduate student asked you for ideas about possible dissertation
> topics based on what you felt were topics that _needed_ someone to write a
> thesis on, what concrete topics (including a title and summary or
> "abstract") might you suggest? In your summary or abstract, it would be
> helpful if you could specify the topic as clearly as possible and give a
> short explanation for why such a thesis is important.

Alejandro's telegraphic answer:

Title: Argentinian convertibility monetary policy.

How is possible that, now, Argentina (showing an incredible
inflationary record) has 5 years of stable prices? Effects on
production? [Unemployment (open rate = 17%, since 2 years)] An
extreme example of the new "deflationary" wave in world capitalism?
Does this "wave" really exist? Why? Is this a travel on time towards
XIX century monetary rules? Inner causes of this? Has profit rate
gone down? How do the deflationary policies permit a recovering of
profit rate? Is it only a matter of increasing the rate of surplus
value? What would Marx's theory say about this?

Alejandro Ramos M.