[OPE-L:4253] Re: variable capital and time

aramos@aramos.b (aramos@aramos.bo)
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 01:51:16 -0800 (PST)

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In ope-l 4248, Paul C. writes:

> I think that you are getting yourselves into a whole pile
> of nonsense with no bearing on the real world with
> such questions.
> They are entirely an artifact of the modeling process,
> which introduces the arbitrary construct of a production
> period. There is no such thing when considering society
> as a whole.
> The appropriate formalism is in terms of continuous flows
> and the differential calculus.

I am not sure to understand you. Are you suggesting that, for
instance, we should consider that workers are paid on a "per second"
basis? That is, the worker works one second and *instantly* his/her
bank account increases in the corresponding amount of money?
Or, regarding constant capital, the capitalist *instantly* purchases
and consumes means of production? A world without stocks?
Could you explain more, please.
If you are suggesting this, I think it would be completely
irrealistic and implies a neglection of important phenomena in
capitalist society.

Alejandro Ramos M.