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On my website (http://www.columbia.edu/~dkf2), you can find my paper "Marx
on Money" from Social Concept 1, which discusses the question of whether or
not Marx is a quantity theorist.


>The students on my MA Marx module have to write a class paper, and
>some have chosen topics on which I may not have up-to-date references
>to hand. Can anyone help with 'starter' references on any of the
>1. Prices in Marx and in Neo-classical economics
>2. Marx(ists) on Banks and Banking
>3. Is Marx a Quantity Theorist?
>4. Marx(ists) on Technological Unemployment
>5. Marx(ists) on inflation and technology
>They are all economics students, mostly with no exposure to Marx(ism)
>prior to the module that they are currently completing - altrhough
>one is a banker from the Peoples Republic of China.
>Any suggestions?
>Thank you.
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