[OPE-L:5791] RE: commodity money

andrew kliman (Andrew_Kliman@CLASSIC.MSN.COM)
Wed, 3 Dec 97 14:06:28 UT

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Samuel Bailey (1825): "Value is a relation between *contemporary*
commodities, because such only admit of being exchanged for each other; ..."

Paul Cockshott (Dec. 3, 1997, 4:07 am): "Value only has meaning at a given
instant of time."

Karl Marx (1863?): "[W]hat a fool he is! Is it not a fact that, in the
process of circulation or the process of reproduction of capital, the value of
one period is constantly compared with that of another period, an operation
upon which production itself is based?"

"The relation between the value antecedent to production and the value which
results from it -- capital as antecedent value is capital in contrast to
profit -- constitutes the all-embracing and decisive factor in the whole
process of capitalist production. It is not only an independent expression of
value as in money, but DYNAMIC VALUE, value which maintains itself in a
process in which use-value pass through the most varied forms" [caps added].

Andrew Kliman