[OPE-L:7436] [OPE-L:969] Re: Re: online journal

Ian Hunt (Ian.Hunt@flinders.edu.au)
Wed, 12 May 1999 10:01:55 +0930

I think the journal idea a good one. In principle, we could do without
peer-reviewing, but for those of us who are academics, it would be an
advantage to cite peer-reviewed publications in CVs. (Not that we should
submerge ourselves in careerism...)

>Re Paul C's [OPE-L:966]:
>> I would like to raise the possibility that ope sponsor an online
>> journal of marxist economics.
>I think this is a good idea which I will support *provided* someone else
>(or better yet, a group of listmembers) take responsibility for
>organizing the logistics and technical aspects of producing such a
>> By an online journal I mean a web server that would contain
>> articles that had been peer reviewed by list members.
>Does this reference to "web server" mean a server which would *distribute*
>copies of the journal to others with e-mail addresses? Whether that is or
>is not what you intended, I think it would be a good idea to post the
>journal on one or more WWW sites. I also think that we should be clear
>from the outset that this would be a *public* journal that anyone can
>read and cite.
>> The
>> journal articles would allow us to develop arguments in greater
>> detail and more carefully than is possible in the rather hurried
>> medium of an online list.
>> Such online peer review journals already exist in physics
>> and are about to start for the life sciences.
>Well, we have a tradition of being on the cutting edge in terms of
>Internet communication among scholars. This would seem to be a logical
>next step which, in my view, in no way prevents us from being able to
>continue our list discussions. Indeed, the journal might provide an
>opportunity for us to *deepen* those exchanges. Thus, the OPE-L (the list)
>and a journal should be viewed as complimentary.
>Also, at various times listmembers have referred to unpublished papers
>that they would like at some point to publish. Perhaps the online journal
>could be the vehicle that turns that desire into a reality.
>I have a suggestion and a question.
>Have issues of the journal based around thematic concerns. Thus, each
>journal number would address a separate question (e.g. the 6-book-plan).
>This was a system used to great advantage by the now defunct journal
>_Mehrwert_ published in Germany. Not only would this encourage list
>members to write about similar topics, but it would also have the
>advantage of being easier to use for classroom instruction. Of course, we
>would have to exercise some flexibility here and everyone should be
>encouraged to come up with ideas for themes of future issues.
>Why go the traditional pattern of peer review and referees? Can't we rely
>on listmembers to exercise good judgment and scholarly practice in the
>preparation of contributions?
>In solidarity, Jerry