[OPE-L:7582] [OPE-L:1134] Re: Re: Re: monetary inflows versus capital accumulation

From: Allin Cottrell (cottrell@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 10:41:40 EDT

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Paul Cockshott wrote:

> >Nonresidential Investment, $1012
> >Private Fixed Investment, $1344
> Is the first line included in the second?


> >Exports - Imports, $303
> I take it that this should read Imports - Exports = $330B

Yes, sorry.

> >Meanwhile the personal saving rate is about -1 percent, so
> >that personal saving is on the order of -$50b.

> Is that right? Is the total of personal income inthe usa
> only $1000B or should your figure read -$500B

Personal income is on the order of $5000b in 1992 dollars, so 1
percent of that would be about $50b.

> How is the net accumulation divided between
> 1) Internal accumulation of companies
> 2) Accumulation by the state in consequence of budget surplus
> 3) Foreign sources of funds.

I don't have that to hand right now. Anyone?

Allin Cottrell.

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