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From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 05:21:53 EDT

        Some time back, I forwarded to the list a message from Historical
Materialism pointing out the difficult straits they are in and requesting
efforts to get university library subscriptions. (I can repost that if
anyone missed it.) Paul Z suggested that I post the contents of the issues
of HM to date, and I have only now been able to do that. As you can see,
there are a number of familiar OPE names in the issues to date, and the
upcoming issue on Robert Brenner's NLR monograph (and now book) should
generate some interest. If you want to subscribe yourself or need
information, you can contact HM at hm@lse.ac.uk

        in solidarity,

>Issue No.1, Autumn 1997
>Editorial ? Why Historical Materialism Now • Ellen Meiksins Wood – The
>Non-History of Capitalism • Colin Barker – Some Reflections on Two Books by
>Ellen Wood • Esther Leslie – Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project • John
>Weeks – The Law of Value and the Analysis of Underdevelopment • Tony Smith –
>Neoclassical and Marxian Theories of Technology • Michael Lebowitz – The
>Silences of Capital • John Holloway – A Note on Alienation • Peter Burnham –
>Globalisation: States, Markets and Class Relations • Fred Moseley – The Rate
>of Profit and Stagnation in the US • Peter Linebaugh on Robin Blackburn •
>Matthew Beaumont on Bloch • Benno Teschke on Guy Bois
>Issue No.2, Summer 1998
>China Miéville ? The Conspiracy of Architecture: Notes on a Modern Anxiety •
>Gregory Elliott ? Velocities of Change: Perry Anderson’s Sense of an
>Ending • Andrew Chitty ? Recognition and Social Relations of Production •
>Michael Neary & Graham Taylor ? Marx and the Magic of Money: Towards an
>Alchemy of Capital • Paul Burkett ? A Critique of Neo-Malthusian Marxism:
>Society, Nature, and Population • Slavoj Zizek ? Risk Society and its
>Discontents • Ben Watson on Adorno and Music • Mike Haynes on Popular
>Violence and the Russian Revolution • Esther Leslie on Walter Benjamin •
>Elmar Altvater on David Harvey • Martin Jenkins on Althusser and
>Psychoanalysis • Geoffrey Kay on Freeman & Carchedi • Henning Teschke on the
>1997 Amsterdam Walter Benjamin conference
>Issue 3
>Simon Clarke Was Lenin a Marxist? The Populist Roots of Marxism-Leninism,
>Howard Chodos & Colin Hay, So the Party’s Over?, Marxism and Political
>Strategy After ‘the Fall’,
>John Molyneux, How Not To Write About Lenin, John Ehrenberg, Problems of
>Leninism , Alan Shandro, Political Action, Context and Conjuncture, Jonathan
>Joseph, Realistic Organisation?, Peter Hudis, Dialectics, ‘the Party’ and
>the Problem of the New Society, Paul Burkett, Labour, Eco-Regulation, and
>Value: A Response to Benton’s Ecological Critique of Marx, Werner Bonefeld,
>The Politics of Novelty, John Roberts, Saving Private Ryan, Realism and the
>Enigma of Head-Wounds, Michael A. Lebowitz on Felton Shortall, Adrian Budd
>on Kim Moody, Giles Peaker on John Roberts, Gareth Dale on East Germany,
>Kenneth J. Hammond on Gabriel Kolko, Christopher Bertram on Marcus Roberts
>Issues 4 and 5:
>Symposium on Robert Brenner & Marxist Crisis Theory with contributions by
>Werner Bonefeld • Robert Brenner • Alex Callinicos • François Chesnais •
>Simon Clarke • Guglielmo Carchedi • Gérard Dumenil & Dominique Levy • Alan
>Freeman • Chris Harman • Michel Husson • Michael Lebowitz • Fred Moseley •
>Anwar Shaikh • Murray Smith • John Weeks, Geoffrey Kay, • Plus more,
>including Edwin Roberts on Marxism and Pragmatism in the US, Hal Draper,
>Alan Johnson, Felton Shortall replies, Tony Smith, Ellen Wood, Craig
>Brandist on Bakhtin, • an interview with Slavoj Zizek • John Roberts on
>Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory and plenty more.....
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