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APEX_CCDdetectorX-Ray Facility

The Chemistry Department X-ray Facility, located in Salem Hall, Room 11, was renovated in June 2003 and houses a Bruker APEX CCD x-ray diffractometer equipped with low temperature capability and Moly radiation. The Bruker P4 diffractometer was upgraded with a Bruker Hi-Star detector and Cu radiation. The facility includes a Linux Server and several PC's for structure solution and refinement. The facility software packages include Bruker APEXII, SMART, SAINT, SHELXTL, GADDS, DIFFRACPlus, EVA, a license for the Cambridge Structural Database™ (CSD) and ReciprocalNet. The facility also houses a Meiji Stereozoom EMZ-5TRD microscope with a Nikon CoolPix995 digital camera.

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Chemistry Department, Wake Forest University, Salem Hall, Box 7486
Winston-Salem, NC 27109. Phone: (336) 758-5773 FAX: (336) 758-4656
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