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We work mostly on seabirds of Galápagos and Malpelo Islands, studying the behavioral and evolutionary ecology of reproduction of boobies and albatrosses. 

Terri Maness, Ph.D. '08
Now a post-doc in the lab. 
She is from North Carolina. She works on booby aging and mating system.

Her web page.


Jacquie Grace, doctoral student.
NSF Graduate Research Fellow.

She is from Hawaii. She works on hormonal organizational effects on behavior and variation in personality.
Her web page.

Felipe Estela, doctoral student.
Fulbright Fellow from Cali, Colombia. He works on foraging biology and related topics (senescent decline, gene flow, and connectivity).


Emily Tompkins, doctoral student.
She is from Washington State. She uses quantitative genetic techniques to understand selection on life history traits and genetic architecture linking those traits.

DAG 2011

David Anchundia, MS student. He is from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He works on population dynamics of blue-footed boobies.

Past group members:





Kate Huyvaert, MS '99
PhD UMSL '04
Asst. Prof,
Colorado State University

Elise Ferree, MS '02
PhD UC Santa Cruz '07
Visiting Asst. Prof.,
Claremont Colleges
Leslie Clifford, PhD '01
Assoc. Prof,
Mansfield State University
Elaine Porter, MS '03
Greystone Environmental Consulting, Colorado
Howard Townsend, PhD '04
Modelling Analyst, NOAA, Marylando
Mark Westbrock, MS '05
Alternative energy contractor, New Mexico
Jill Awkerman, PhD '07
Modelling Analyst, EPA, Florida
Martina Muller, MS '07
Ph.D. student, University of Groningen

DJA as baby

Dave Anderson.


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