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The tropical environments of this planet are increasingly threatened; in recognition of this, viewing Roatán Island both as a microcosm of the tropical world and a laboratory in which to study factors negatively impacting such environments, the mission of the OVERSEAS RESEARCH CENTER (ORC) is the following:



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The Middle School Experience


Ethnographic Field School

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  • to conduct and to support research related to life in general on The Bay Islands and on the island of Roatán in particular

  • to educate young people concerning the impact of human activity on the delicate and fragile tropical environment of these islands

  • to bring together researchers, teachers and students of Honduras, the United States, and others interested in learning what can be done to curtail and reverse environmental destruction in the tropics and on Roatán Island in particular.

  • to assist teachers and other educators in the designing of specific study and research programs on Roatán Island that will interface with individual class curriculum at their home institutions.

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Brief History

The Middle School Experience

Ethnographic Field School

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