English 286*Tribble A202*Thursday, 3-5:30 p.m.*Dr. Julie Edelson*X5908*e-mail: edelsojb@wfu.edu

Short-Story Workshop

A self-conscious, practical, laboratory approach to prose fiction techniques. Each week, students are asked to tackle specific problems in viewpoint, dialog, description, and tense and to read the result for general reaction and discussion the next. The professor will gladly edit these efforts. Radiant examples of published work will be consulted to clarify the demands of the exercise and to inculcate both ambition and humility.

The goal is to develop control, to build a repertoire, to be ready and able when inspiration strikes. Style, subject matter, and syntax are at your discretion provided we may criticize how well they work. Students must submit at least five assignments and complete one short story by the end of term. Hard work will be rewarded over talent.